Is Kim Davis a Christian hero?

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Is Kim Davis a Christian hero?

What do you think? Is Kim Davis a Christian hero?

I recently read an opinion article comparing Kim Davis likened to Martin Luther. First, Martin Luther was a religious figure, he taught at a religious institute and was taken before a religious board for heresy. He challenged the Universal Catholic Church’s beliefs on the practice of selling indulgences as its major source of revenue. To purchase indulgences from the Catholic Church would grant you pardon from certain sins and the law was enforced by the Roman Empire. Martin Luther risked his life and fled execution to challenge the church on it’s beliefs and is considered one of the founders of the protestant movement making him a Christian hero.

I don’t think his battle with the church comes close in comparison to Kim Davis who is refusing to sign gay marriage licenses based on her legal religious beliefs. While I am no judge of Kim Davis true intentions, or her heart before the Lord, I suggest a different perspective. Let me share with you a Bible story and you can decide, is Kim Davis a Christian hero??

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