God is the I AM

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God is the I AM

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Most people think of God on their own terms, likening him to someone they know, a person they’ve encountered or images they see in religious places but what if he was not like any of those at all? God says, I am not those men, rather I am holy. I do not love like men love, I am Holy. I will not lay a hand on you to harm you, nor will I lie to you.

I am not a lioness who leaves her cubs behind in search of food. I am not a black widow who devours her young. I am not a dog who can be trained or mastered. I am not a wildebeest who will be led by the masses. I am not the Earth that I change with the seasons, nor am I corrupted by the things that lie beneath it. I am not a cycle which has a beginning and an end. I am not a man that I would tell a lie.


I AM the good shepherd that will leave all to rescue the one who is lost. I am the restorer from the one who devours. I am the leader who masters and trains. I am the rain that drives the wilderbeast and lead its direction. I am the Earth maker who establishes its season. I am the Alpha & Omega, the First and the Last. There is no other besides me, no not one! I am that I am.

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