God often speaks to us through our dreams while we are asleep and in visions while we are awake.

I have received many dreams from the Lord which are insightful, prophetic, bring guidance and/or correction which have proven true.

AND I have also experienced dreams which have led me down a path of deception due to

  1. My own projection/feelings into the interpretation of the dream
  2. Wrong thoughts I had about God. The enemy was allowed to deceive me due to my wrong beliefs about who God is!

God will teach you to stop projecting, if you ask

God is Holy and He will not go against his Word. Check your thoughts with the written word

Timing & Trust in the Lord is key. Some dreams are not meant to be understood right away. The meaning may be revealed over many years. Trusting in God as the dream giver more than the dream itself is also key in overcoming dreams that may be deceptive or that take a long time in coming to pass. Testing spirits will take time because if they are deceptive, the spirit’s source is not easily made clear.

Too many interpretations we receive are from our natural mind but the Bible tells us that God alone owns the answer and it is through his Spirit versus our own understanding that correct interpretations will be revealed. In fact, “the mind governed by the flesh is hostile to God” Romans 8:7. We must remember our own tendency’s and desires when trying to understand our dreams to get the clearest interpretation.

Dreams are very personal. Therefore, it can be difficult for a stranger to give you an interpretation without actually talking to you about the dream. For example, 3 people may have a dream using symbolism of a dog. To one, dogs are our loyal best friends, to another, seeing a dog may invoke fear, or to someone else, a dog may represent compulsive or uncontrolled but natural behaviors. Dreams are typically not subjective (impartial) but tend to be subjective which means it is a language that is built between you and the spirit of God for your spiritual growth. Even prophetic dreams of end time eschatology will still contain a personal meaning and message to the dreamer no matter how real the event or catastrophe that is shown will come. It was given to you because God has something He wants to communicate with YOU about it and a way He wants you to share it with others.

Here are a few of my tips that can help you get started to interpret your own dreams;

Types of Dreams 

Source of Dreams (page available soon!)

Dreamers in the Bible (page available soon!)

Good vs. Bad in our Dreams (page available soon!)

Symbolism in our Dreams

The Prophet (page available soon!)

If you would like me to help interpret a dream, please email me a copy of your dream and any notes and/or feelings you had regarding the dream. I will pray and ask God to help assist in revealing a meaning or offer some thoughts that may help you in the process.




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