Types of Dreams

Reflective Dreams – These types of dreams are often given to the dreamer by the Spirit of God to show them their heart intention and/or feelings towards a situation, God or others. Think of these types of dreams as likened to looking into a mirror. We readily forget our reflection and this is God’s way of showing yourself your own thoughts usually for personal growth and improvement.  It can be a way to unlock feelings and patters of thinking that are not otherwise easily perceived by the dreamer. Reflective dreams also help the dreamer understand the level of intimacy God has with the dreamer and affirms that He knows how you are feeling. More often than not, Reflective dreams can be ongoing because they will reveal your heart as it changes through time. These types of dreams can be viewed as a checks and balances system between our spirit and Gods. They can also encourage and strengthen your faith.

Warning Dreams – Also known as Guidance dreams tell of a predictive result or what is at the end of the road if a situation is not addressed, or a heart condition, path or chosen course is not corrected. A dream is not a warning dream unless the dreamer can take actions of correction or prevention. Instead dreams destined to take course are no longer categorized as warning dreams but foretelling dreams predictive of the future. For example, Joseph, Jesus father was given a warning dream to flee to Egypt because Herod was going to kill all of the boy children under 2 years old. Joseph left with Mary and the baby Jesus as a result of the Warning Dream or else baby Jesus would have been killed by order of the King. If you are given a Warning Dream, ask God to show you what you can do to prevent a bad outcome/expectation, do some soul searching, repent in your ways of thinking. Ask God to open new doors He WILL HELP YOU. This is God’s way to communicate with you as a Father who loves you and is not to condemn you but rather to draw you to Him for answers.

Predictive or Foretelling Dreams – Will occur outside of personal choice or decision and are not preventative. Predictive dreams are sent to prepare the dreamer so they are not taken by surprise. The dreamer may want to prepare by learning about the sovereignty of God and choosing to Praise God for either the blessings or the trial coming knowing that God is in full control of the situation to come. This is a faith exercise every Christian should expect will come that brings spiritual growth as well as awe and wonder of the mighty and awesome all powerful knowing God. This dream may take many years to unfold and fulfill completely. Be patient, trust God with your future.

Discovery Dreams – These dreams often provide a path or direction one is encouraged to take that may also include information about timing and place. This type of dream can take the dreamer from the known to the unknown. The dream should lead the dreamer to an answer whether it is a new beginning or a closure. As a precaution, these dreams are often misinterpreted as prophetic dreams, However, God will never give a discovery or guidance dream that contradicts His word. For example, God will not guide a man to rob a bank in a dream to feed his family or tell a woman to leave her husband for another man. God’s will and spirit are not divided against itself and while God never leaves us, quite often we leave God and pursue our own desires. Therefore, if the dreamer has dreams of this nature that appear to contradict God’s known word then the dream would rather be considered a warning dream or a reflective dream that will require a change of direction and correction. Never forget, God works among all the unholy (us.. as we all are) but God himself is Holy and is never divided in will or purpose. He doesn’t lead you into sin, but He may reveal your sinful desires or have you travel down a path to discover its end or closure because you couldn’t possibly understand how to choose another way. God is always merciful.

Eschatology Dreams – Dreams of endtime events. There will likely be parts to the dreamer that are very personal or a perspective God is trying reveal to the dreamer that may include their role prior to, during or after the event. The dreamers observable surroundings will likely include culture markers and people they can have direct influence to help or warn. Many times these dreams are guided by Angels who show what is to come and reveal the future. The Spirit of God is so powerful and the dreams are so intense and feel imminent and real that they can initially bring feelings of terror or fear leaving the dreamer to feel as the events are quick to come. These dreams are meant to grab our attention, remind us that God is the ultimate and final Judge and His rule and knowing of the future is secured. Trust God during these types of dreams. Many times the revealing of these events are attached with an assignment to speak and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Revealing Hearts Dreams – The difference between this type of dream and the reflective dreams is that these dreams most often reveal another’s heart or intention towards you whereas reflective dreams are about you the dreamer. These dreams may be categorized as Warning Dreams too if God is giving the dreamer this much personal insight about another, the difference mainly is defined for specific person to person interactions or relationships. A co-worker may have a dream that reveal the boss has special favor toward advancing them or as a warning, the boss feels the co-worker owes them favors which would warn the dreamer of the perceived relationship. It is important to note, having a favorable revealing hearts dream does not always manifest or end in a positive outcome for the dreamer. For example, God may show the dreamer their boss finds him/her of great value and highly regarded and yet, in reality the dreamer may walk into work after having the dream and get fired. The importance of this dream is that God is giving the dreamer insight they would not otherwise know nor could possibly ever attain. It’s possible the boss did not want to fire their employee but was forced to by the company. The same holds true for intimate relationships. Even after a favorable dream, the other person may not ready to commit but feels a deeper love and compassion for you which in turn is what caused them to leave. The dream is for the dreamers protection. This type of dream can bring healing, feelings of protection and trust in God.

Deliverance Dreams – aka Special Grace!!! This type of dream is a personal favorite. In these types of dreams God usually brings new revelation and delivers the dreamer of a spiritual heart attitude and/or behavior without any effort by the dreamer. For example God may deliver a person from a drug habit or a particular sin that has taken the dreamer captive that he/she can not get away from on their own. Usually the dream is given and then the deliverance happens three days later but it can be instant or it can take a bit longer or occur over time. Deliverance dreams can include dreams of Jesus revealing himself to an individual thereby delivering them of their unbelief or assuring a believer of His ultimate power and truth. Deliverance dreams are the best because they bring such new revelation and relief of oppression, burdens, cares and bad thoughts. These dreams can also lead the dreamer to see into the future. Angels may guide and/or explain while demons may be revealed to the dreamer during the revelation. They have the dreamer surrounded in ultimate GRACE undeserving but extremely grateful without being able to take credit or explain why God chose to Deliver him/her or when/how the revelation or deliverance occurred. It is purely at God’s discretion and can be invoked because of the prayers of others.



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