Leadership Training $5

Are You Attending a Women’s Leadership Devotional Training Meetup or are you meeting online? Tickets are only $5

If you haven’t received your welcome email, please contact us at [email protected]

The ROADS Devotional Leadership Training Session is JUST $5.00! This devotional style is perfect for men and women who want to attend or start a support group in a weekly devotional bible study that’s fun, interactive and lived out with others. Find out what God really has to say and how it applies to your everyday life. Get connected, start Today!

Our scheduled session(s) will empower you to LEAD your own online bible study group and get connected with other believers. Feel free to invite friends! This is what you can expect:

  • Learn the ROADS Format
  • Scheduling Your Meetup (online or in person)
  • Welcome emails with access to instructional videos to share with your own group
  • How to open and close the meeting with your group.

Once your group gets started, all we ask is that Group Leaders attend a meeting with their team lead or one of the Board Members of Breadcrumb Ministries online just once a month.

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