ROADS Devotional Jan-Dec 365 days

WHAT is it? – ROADS is a Bible devotional support tool that can be inspiring alone or with others to meet just once a week in person or online. Please Join us! Feel free to jump in on any day of the year. All you need is 1-2 hours each week, that’s it! Get empowered! You will grow spiritually. You will build relationships. So what are you waiting for? Get on the ROAD with Breadcrumb Ministries today! 

REQUIREMENTS  – Bible or Online Access from a smart device (phone/computer), Pen & Paper to journal – that’s it!

HOW? – The Format is easy to remembers. ROADS is an acronym that stands for Read, Observe, Apply, then Drive it Home, Share with others

  1. READ the selected passage of the day. JOURNAL/WRITE IT OUT
  2. Observe – What scriptures speak to you personally or stand out to you?
  3. Apply – How can this passage apply/help in your everyday life?
  4. Drive it home by writing it out in prayer form/request. Ask God!
  5. Share it, Speak your written prayer out loud and/or share with others 

ROADS that lead home with

BreadCrumb Ministries

READ, OBSERVE, APPLY, then DRIVE IT HOME! So Good, you must SHARE with others

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